RB radadel plakátOn 30th August, 2019, at 5pm we opened the photo exhibition On the trails of Rail Baltica in our gallery, in the presence of the members of the Peeter Sirge Photo School.


The photo exhibition was inspired by the planned trails of Rail Baltica across baltic forests and bogs. Photos were taken in the Rääma and Männiku bogs during the last year by 29 nature loving and hiking photographers. Out of them, 14 - including our honorary consul István Bán - have agreed to share the beaty of the landscape with wider audience as well.


According to the photographers, nature is the only and most precious asset we have, therefor they strived to present the wildlife, the ecological balance, and the diversity of flora and fauna of the bogs.


Special thanks goes to Mati Kose, the guide of the Rääma bog for showing the photographers the unique place. Special thanks also for the hikers, without whom the exhibition would have not been possible.


If you are interested about buying the pictures, the photographers are happy to get in contact with you!