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The photo exhibition of Botond Dávid
"Transylvania is like a beautiful lady”
is on display in the Estonian Traditional Music Center (Tasuja puiestee 6, Viljandi, 71011) between 28th August and 27th September


Photographer Botond Dávid has been documenting the traditional costumes of various places and people in Europe and other continents as well. From his collection, we are presenting a selection of Hungarian costumes from Transylvania. The motto of this selection has been inspired by famous Hungarian writer, László Nemes, who said: "Transylvania is like a beautiful woman".


Botond Dávid is renewing the traditions of classical documentary ethnographic photography and by portraying young and pretty girls he would like to emphasize that traditional folk costume is not a museum relic of past generations, but an attractive, stylish garment in the 21st century. In his view past, present and future are one organic entity.