Sub Rosa - honlapraSub Rosa is a three-piece band from Hungary that plays instrumental music from the middle ages, mainly from the13th century. Their music is a loud and happy feature at medieval fares, marketplaces and festivals. Most of the repertoire comes from the popular Cantigas de Santa Maria collection. The main instruments are: bagpipe, shawm, medieval lute and drums. They wear period costumes and try to be faithful to what the original idea of the music might have been in the Middle Ages.

The name of the band is a Latin expression, meaning “under the rose”, that is in secret, with confidence. Since ancient times, rose has often been associated with secrecy and silence, and issues “under the rose” were kept secret, confidential, that only a few could know about. The medieval music is not very commonly known by the masses, so you can say it is hidden sub rosa for most people. Nevertheless, who discovers what is under the rose, will surely find something nice.

The band will perform during The Medieval Days of Tallinn on 11-14th July, 2019. Find them in the cavalcade to get immersed in the superb medieval tunes!

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