The Flame Flowers formation was created more than 10 years ago, after their members had already spent many years of creative work together. Since then they proved our artistic value at many European festivals and events gaining the appreciation of our audience and the professional scene.

Since the beginning their attention shifted to different types object manipulation techniques and later on they started experimenting with duet choreographies. The combination of these two can give the audience a very modern and exciting visual experience.


Flame Flowers - honlapra

For the sake of a special and unique scene they design and carefully make their costumes, equipment and everything you can see during their show.

For them not just the spectacle is an important factor but they also pay attention to safety measures. Therefore every member has a pyrotechnic fire safety licence.

The team is performing the very first time in Estonia during the TaDaa! Festival with the help of the Institute. The dates and cities are the following:
- 8-9th June, Tallinn
- 11-12th June, Narva
- 14th June, Põlva
- 15-16th June, Tartu

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