On January 24 at 5 pm opening of Kai Tiisläri's photo exhibition "Pieces from Hungary" at the Culture Center of Valga (Kesk 1.).

Vorstifestival   Kai Tiislär

The photo exhibition “Pieces from Hungary” consists of 25 photos. The author of the photos is Kai Tiislär, who lived and worked in Hungary between 2008 and 2015. As the title of the exhibition says, the pictures are reflections from Hungary, not having a single conceptual cross-cutting theme. Hungary and Hungarian culture is rolled out in front of the eyes of the visitor as the author saw it through her own eyes for 8 years. There are pictures of both larger and smaller Hungarian towns and villages, as well as photographs of Hungarian food culture.


The exhibition is opened by Tamás Orosz, director of the Institute, and the pictures themselves will be presented by photographer Kai Tiislär. We offer Hungarian wine and light snacks, looking forward to meet you!