The first Hungarian noir written by Vilmos Kondor, one of the most successful crime stories of the past decade is available in Estonian before Christmas! Official presentation with screening

in Tallinn's Kino Sõprus on 15th December, from 1pm!


Budapest, October 1936. Prime Minister Gyula Gömbös is dead. The body of a young Jewish girl is found in a Terézváros doorway. Zsigmond Gordon, a criminal journalist for The Est newspaper, arrives on the scene soon afterwards and starts asking questions, but everywhere seems to run into a brick wall. The clues lead him upwards to the highest echelons of society and downwards to the lowest depths of misery and poverty. Gordon refuses to give up, keeps asking his questions, and the more they want to frighten him off, the more determined he becomes. He doesn't know whom to trust, and doesn't know and doesn't care how many people's interests he is harming. He just wants to find the girl's killer, because, by the look of things, he's the only one who cares.

Budapest noir poszter

The secretive, publicly never seen author was born in 1954, started his studies in the Hungarian town of Szeged, continued in Sorbonne where he graduated in chemical engineering, then returned to Hungary. Currently he teaches mathematics and physics at a high school. He lives with his wife, twin daughters, a dog and a falcon in a small village near Sopron. He leads a quiet life and, if he gives interviews at all, he does so only by email.


As a writer, Kondor has a debutation with the first of the Criminal Budapest-cycle (Budapest noir) in 2008. Since then, the journalist Zsigmond Gordon's adventures have been translated to ten languages and were published in more than two dozen countries, including the US, Germany and Finland. The novel laid the foundaton for contemporary Hungarian crime fiction and was warmly welcome by both the critics and the readers. Budapest noir gives an insight into the life of Hungary's capital in the 1930s, its politics and world of brothels, giving an excellent overview on Budapest, the real protagonist of the novel.


The official presentation of the book's translation in Estonian will be on the 15th December, 2019, in Tallinn, together with the screening of the movie based on the novel.


Venue: Kino Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8., Tallinn)
Time: 1-4pm


After screening, discussion with translator Reet Klettenberg, editor Piret Toomet and visiting professor Krisztina Tóth. The book is available for purchase on the spot!