On 19th November at 4.30pm, the exhibition “Magic song” by Dóra Keresztes will be opened in gallery of Tartu Lutsu library. Everyone is welcome!


Dóra Keresztes was born in Budapest in 1953. She finished her studies at the Book Design Department of the Hungarian University of Arts and Design in Budapest in 1977 as pupil of István Balogh, György Haiman, János Kass and Ernő Rubik. Also she graduated in the master section of the University and after that she was working in Rome in Collegium Hungaricum.


She started her carrier with book designs, illustrated and designed books mainly for children and contemporary Hungarian literature and ran workshops with children – among others in the Hungarian National Gallery. Later on, film posters and theater posters came to the center of her interest and she also became the art director and designer of Múzsák („Muses”) Cultural Magazine in Budapest. Also, she was the vice president of the Society of Hungarian Illustrators for several years, and in 2004 she was co-founder of the Hungarian Poster Association.


Nowadays she works as a free lance designer in her own design studio. Besides her design activity, she is an independent fine artist, stage designer and director of animated films. Her works have been shown in exhibitions, biennales and film festivals both in Hungary and abroad.


The origin of her linocuts were probably the woodcuts of the middle age, the world of "Biblia Pauperum" ("Paupers' Bible") which became so popular by the designers and fine artists of expressionist movement in the beginning of the 20th century too. Also her works were deeply influenced by the simplicity of East European folk art. She made study in Hungarian and Rumenian (Transilvanian) villages observing the decoration of small old churches. She likes to travel between the past and the present and in her pictures the world keeps her totality as it was in the time of the ancient mythologies and as it is in the tales and fables.

Keresztes Dóra - illusztráció

We can observe her attraction towards the grotesque and surrealism too. Especially in her colorful animated films we can feel the presence of the dreams, subconscious and imagination. In some of her design works – especially in the case of posters and logos appears the influence of the emblematic power of folk art what is mixed with the more rigorous geometrical approach. She likes using the different forms of symmetry too and she plays very often with the rhythm of positive and negative forms.


The world of Dora Keresztes is rather unusual in the digital field of the contemporary design life, but she says that the fundament of the future is in the past. She knows the responsibility of the designer for the local cultures, and she does work to keep them, she works for a healthy coexistence.


To discover the works of the artist, please visit her website here: http://keresztesdora.blogspot.com/