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Gravity, Meditation, Levitation in Rakvere


The opening of Csilla Bondor’s exhibition Gravity, Meditation, Levitation will be in Rakvere Gallery (Pikk tn 15.) on 6th September, 2019 at 15.00. Everyone is welcome to attend!


The concept
Csilla Bondor has been working with the reusability of discoloured, scrap wood as a “vehicle” for graphic and artistic purposes.

On the surface of the used, weather-battered materials she paints with oil paint or ink, then she carves it back in some parts, thereby the original colours and inner light of the wood becomes visible.

First, she started with landscapes and later the joined wooden boards were formulated into pictures, picturing perspectival objects made from wood, and thus turning the hanged works into relief-like objects.

In the beginning, the personality, history and beauty of the objects was in the centre, but a few years ago the symbolic spirituality has also gained importance. Taken out the everyday reality, raising them to higher levels gives the objects deeper meaning, at same instances transmitting sanctified thoughts back to the viewers.

During the past ten years, after graduation, she has been completing her woodworks with video projections, light boxes, different installations from light, transparent materials that are always composed according to a certain theme, in a characteristic self-conscious and personalized manner, in many cases influenced by space, local scenery or nature.


Bondor Csilla - honlapra2


About the artist
She finished Kaffka Margit High School in Budapest in 1993.

Between 1995 and 2002, she worked in various studios (Pannónia Filmstúdió, Euro Stúdió, Loonland Stúdió, Varga Stúdió, Exist Filmstúdió) related to animated movies.

She received in 2007 the graphic design degree in the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, her masters were Róbert Kőnig and Imre Kocsis.

In 2006, she won the scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome, in 2007 the Corvina Foundation Prize and the KOGART-prize for young career entrants.

Her works have been presented around Hungary.



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