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László Krasznahorkai's Satantango now in Estonian!


László Krasznahorkai's novel Satantango now available in Estonian! The official presentation of the book will be in Tartu on 3rd September, at 6pm (Vanemuise 19.) and in Tallinn on 4th September, at 6pm (Harju 1.) in cooperation with the Estonian Writer's Union. Everyone is welcome to the presentations!


Sátántangó plakátSatantango is Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai's first and perhaps best known novel, which was later put on screen as well by director Béla Tarr.


The novel was published the first time in 1985 and becoming a critical success, has since become a fundemantal reading for Hungarian contemporary literature. 


In the darkening embers of a Communist utopia, life in a desolate Hungarian town has come to a virtual standstill. Flies buzz, spiders weave, water drips and animals root desultorily in the barnyard of a collective farm. But when the charismatic Irimias- long-thought dead - returns to the commune, the villagers fall under his spell. The Devil has arrived in their midst. Irimias will divide and rule: his arrival heralds the beginning of a period of violence and greed for the villagers as he sets about swindling them out of a fortune that might allow them to escape the emptiness and futility of their existence. He soon attains a messianic aura as he plays on the fears of the townsfolk and a series of increasingly brutal events unfold. Satantango follows the villagers as they are exploited and taken in by Irimias; as they drink and stumble their way toward the gradual realization of their mistake and ultimate demise. In its measured prose and long, Tolstoyan sentences, Satantango is nothing short.


The writer has received numerous Hungarian and international cultural prizes, and in 2015 for the Satantango, he was awarded the International Man Booker Prize. A few years ago, Estonian writer Andrei Ivanov said Satantango should be mandatory in Estonian - this wish has now become true and the excellent translation of Siiri Kolka is closed by the afterwards of Andrei.


During the presentation in Tartu, writer Paavo Matsin, visiting professor Kriszta Tóth Kriszta and translator Siiri Kolka , while in Tallinn publisher Mathura will discuss the meaning and influence of the book. On both occassions, Kaspar Uljas will provide musical background via accordion. 

The book can be purchased during both presentations with a discount.


The program of the Tartu Literary House is supported by the City of Tartu and Cultural Endowment of Estonia. The presentation of the book was helped by the Publishing Hungary program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.


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