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Gábor Hart in the Tallinn Guitar Festival


Hart Gábor - honlapraGábor Hart, born on September 28th, 1995 in Hungary, has been immersed in professional music in all his life since he was a small boy. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 because he was inspired by rock music and he is proud to say that his music is still influenced by the rock.

In 2010, he was admitted to Szeged Music Secondary School where he was a student of Andrea Bozóki. During these years he passionately fell in love with classical music. Since 2014, he was the student of the University of Szeged Music faculty, where he was mentored by two amazing and talented teachers Dávid Pavlovits and András Csáki.

He has been playing electric, classical guitar or even a banjo regularly, in the Szeged National Theater since 2016. He also teaches guitar and music in almost all ages and more musical styles. He had a chance to play in the surrounding countries and at several Hungarian venues and guitar festivals. Gábor is also in rock/funk/jazz bands and with many chamber orchestras, he even had the pleasure to play jazz themes as well. Over the years he has been lucky enough to learn from many famous musicians and guitarists from all over World.

He won the first prize at competitions:
• Temesvár, Alma Cornea Ionescu (2014) 
• Topola, II. International Guitar Competition (2014) 
• Székelyudvarhely VII. Terra Siculorum International Guitar Competition (2014) 
• Szeged, III. Országos Egyetemi Gitárverseny (2016) 
• Nyiregyháza, I. National youth guitar competition (2017)  
• Szeged International Guitar Competition (2018)

Gábor will give two concerts during the festival:
- 12th June, from 7pm in the House of Blackheads (Pikk 26, 10133 Tallinn) in the Eurostrings guitar orchestra with Aniello Desiderio
- 13th June, from 7pm in Haapsalu’s Evald Okas Museum (Karja 24, Haapsalu, 90503)

Tickets are on sale in Piletilevi.


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