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Day of the Hungarian Film 2019


On the occasion of the Day of the Hungarian Film, we screen Zsófia Szilágyi's One day in Kino Artis on 30th April! After the movie, we offer Hungarian wine and snacks to all Hungarian movie fans!


EgynapposzterOn the initiative of the Hungarian National Film Fund (Hungarian National Movie Archive), the day of the Hungarian movie is celebrated every year on the 30th April, to remember the very first Hungarian film - 'The Dance' ('A táncz') by Béla Zsitkovszky - being presented on this day in 1901.


In Tallinn we celebrate this day with Zsófia Szilágyi's movie One day. Fortysomething Anna is the wife of a lawyer, Szabolcs, and the mother of three little children. Caught up with all the commotion of motherhood and overstretched finances, she can only focus on averting immediate crises rather than seeing the bigger picture, and contemplating what truly matters to her. Her days are a rush of school runs and extracurricular activities, teaching Italian and managing the household. And when night falls, her relationship with her husband is rather businesslike; talking money and sharing parenting duties. And on top of all of that, Szabolcs is having an affair with Anna’s friend, Gabi. Does all of this send Anna over the edge? Shot in a handheld style and filled with constant cacophony, the film creates a completely immersive experience and simply pulls you in.


The movie's world premiere was during the 2018 Cannes Movie Festival and it picked up the prestigious FIPRESCI award for best first feature at Critics’ Week.


Screening is for free, the movie is with English subtitles, everyone is welcome to celebrate together!


Venue: Kino Artis (Estonia pst. 9.)

Date: 30th April, 7pm




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