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Day of the Hungarian culture 2019


On the occasion of the day of the Hungarian culture, we are screening the concert Mouth to mouth from MüpaHD from 17.30 on 22nd January


Müpa (Palace of Arts) Budapest is one of Hungary's best known cultural brands and one of its most modern cultural institutions. In 2017, it launched its MüpaHD program series, re-playing the art palace’s most memorable performances and concerts of recent years by showing films outdoors, free of charge. This will allow those who cannot come and see us in the flesh to partake of the Müpa experience, as well as making it an ideal choice for those wishing to relive one or other of our most exciting productions in a fantastic night full of atmosphere.


On the occasion of the day of the Hungarian culture, our Institute will screen from MüpaHD’s program the joint project of Szilvia Bognár, Ágnes Herczku and Ági Szalóki, titled Mouth to mouth, first introduced in Müpa in 2008. It was presented at the Palace of Arts in 2008 following a record release of the same name. Among the reasons for the success of the production, we need here only highlight the diversity that derives from the markedly different characters of the three singers, and simultaneously the cohesion created, on the one hand, by their shared singing, and on the other hand by the distinctive nature of their musical accompaniment. The playing of these outstanding figures from the Hungarian world music and jazz scenes displays both a deep knowledge of folk music traditions and an experimental tendency apparent in their openness towards other musical genres, allowing the three ladies to bind together their bouquet of Hungarian and Bulgarian songs with characteristic sensitivity, vitality and humour - passing them on from hand to hand, or more properly, mouth to mouth. The performers are accompanied by, amongst other, the Estonian-Hungarian guitarist Gábor Juhász and percussionist András Dés, who participated in Jazzkaar’s winter session in 2018.


After screening, we welcome all our guests for a small reception. Participation is free, but please confirm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by noon 21st January.


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